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Deer Fencing

Extra Strength Perimeter - Our Deer Fencing is a professional high strength, weather resistant, carbon black polypropylene mesh grid (1.77" x 1.96") which provides long term deer protection at a significant cost savings compared to regular metal fencing without changing the aesthetics of your site.

The ultimate installed height of the fencing is approximately 7'. Six inches of the plastic fence grid is "flared" out onto the ground away from the protected area to keep deer from pushing underneath the fencing. Because deer have poor depth perception and cannot see where the fencing actually stops; they are fearful of jumping it. In fact, when the Deer Fencing is first installed, flagging streamers should be temporarily tied to the fencing every 10 feet so the deer do not run into it.

Unlike electric or wire fence, deer fencing can be easily attached to existing trees (up to 20 - 25 feet apart). In areas where trees are not present, steel or wood posts can be installed for support. The fencing is also staked to the ground with ground stakes every five to six feet to keep the deer from pushing underneath it. In addition to the posts and stakes you will want to reinforce your fence with our black monofilament tension cable at the top to deflect falling limbs and to prevent the fence from sagging, and at 3' off the ground (with cable ties or other tying material) which is known as the "impact zone".

Approximate breaking load 700+ lbs. Weighs 50 lbs.

Priced per roll. We also have a lighter Standard grade (breaking load 600+ lbs, 47 pounds, same mesh) and heavier Maximum grade listed (breaking load 900+ lbs. 55 pounds. 1.5"x1.96" mesh size). 10-20 year life depending upon model you choose (UV protected).

*NOTE: These items can be excessively heavy or over-sized and may, depending upon weight, size and quantity, cost more to ship than quoted at checkout. If so, we will get your approval of any more charges before shipping.
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Deer Fencing

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