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  JUST IN... Hop Trellising
Hops are certainly a different animal when it comes to building a trellis system. In some sense, there is less system variety but there is more system variability (hop plant spacing, hop post spacing, hop post length, hop wire grade, etc.). We are now in the process of adding even more supplies that you need to build an effective hop trellis system. Currently, we are able to supply you with the wood posts, aircraft cable wire, turnbuckles, anchors, eye bolts, cable clamps, training twine (coconut coir), etc.
We carry the most popular and strongest metal vineyard posts for vineyard trellising. Metal vineyard posts are more popular and easy to use but if you prefer wood vineyard posts we can supply you with just the size you need.
For vineyard wire you want high tensile strength and a good coating. We have the wire you need in a variety of lengths for your vineyard trellis system.
Anchors are needed to hold down your trellis end posts.  We even have Fenox earth anchors for stony ground.
If you plan to build a GDC, Lyre System, or V-System we have the crossarms needed for the trellis design you want.
Gripple, wirevise, wirelink, crimping sleeves, in-line tighteners, on-line strainers, chain grabs, Wire Care Clips, staples, etc.
Tension springs, marking tags, fence flags, post extenders, training stakes.

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Orchard Valley Supply provides vineyard supplies, vineyard equipment, as well as winery and orchard supplies to customers all over the US. We offer low prices and superior customer service for trellis supplies, training supplies, pruning supplies, harvest supplies, wildlife control products, and so much more!

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