Deer Fencing


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  • Extra Strength Perimeter - Our Deer Fencing is a professional high strength, weather resistant, carbon black polypropylene mesh grid (1.77" x 1.96") which provides long term deer protection at a significant cost savings compared to regular metal fencing without changing the aesthetics of your site.
  • The ultimate installed height of the fencing is approximately 7'.
  • Six inches of the plastic fence grid is "flared" out onto the ground away from the protected area to keep deer from pushing underneath the fencing.
  • The fencing is also staked to the ground with ground stakes every five to six feet to keep the deer from pushing underneath it.
  • Use our black monofilament tension cable at the top to deflect falling limbs and to prevent the fence from sagging, at 3' off the ground (with cable ties or other tying material) which is known as the "impact zone."

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