Electrocoup System Safety-Glove


  • A patented electronic safety glove that works exclusively with the Electrocoup F3010 & F3015.
  • The safety gloves have a fine stainless mesh incorporated throughout the fabric. If the blades of the pruner so much as touch the glove, the pruner grounds out and instantly stops. A cord from the glove runs up your arm and simply plugs into the control box for the F3010 pruner (sold separately).
  • Sizing is determined by measuring the distance from the base of the hand to the tip of the finger:
    - If 6" order a 6.
    - If 6.5" order a 7.
    - If 7" order an 8.
    - If 7.5" order a 9.
    - If 8" order a 10.
    - The largest size we carry is 11.

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