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Hops Anchors

Earth Anchor Adapter

  • Attaches to your auger stub (not the PTO), and locks onto the anchor eye to mechanically drive helix style anchors.
  • The adapter has a 2 1/2" diameter opening.

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Earth Anchors

  • Our earth anchors are made of high quality steel with a center or offset eye and helix plate.
  • For manual installation earth anchors are installed at a slant, in line with the attached wire and perpendicular to the end...

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End Post Anchor System

  • Gripple GPACK System - A unique, ready to use kit developed to offer farmers and fruit growers a fast and easy method of securing end posts to anchors in vineyards, orchards and on farms.
  • Braided galvanized wire (15 ft)....

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Gripple Ground Anchor

  • This duckbill style anchor allows for quick and easy installation.
  • With minimal soil disturbance, it provides for a secure hold and can be installed in more difficult, even rocky, soils.
  • Measures 45" from start of cable to end of...

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Gripple Standard Chuck (for TL-P1 Installation)

Bespoke tool for quick installation of TL-P1

  • For use when working close to the mat
  • Install pins to full depth without damaging the mat
  • Fits general purpose 18v combination drill
  • Automatically disengages when TL-P1 reaches full depth
  • ...

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Gripple TL-P1

  • The TL-P1 high load anchoring pin holds all types of landscaping and nursery fabric securely in place.
  • Up to ten times faster to install than traditional methods.
  • Helps maintain tension in the fabrics and their contact with the ground.
  • ...

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Ground Anchor Drive Tool

  • Tool needed to install the Ground Anchor.
  • Can be used without the Strike Plate for small installations.
  • 6 feet in length.

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Ground Anchor Strike Plate

  • This reusable tool set is made specifically for the Stony Ground Anchor System by Fenox.
  • The set consists of a stop plate which prohibits the anchor from being driven too far into the ground and two mandrels, one to...

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