Hops Harvest Bins

Harvest Bin - Vented


  • These bulk containers are low maintenance, durable, cost-effective, user friendly, efficient and ideal for harvest, fermentation, processing, transportation and storage of produce.
  • Engineered from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), these containers are built to meet the most rigorous demands in industrial, food processing, and agricultural applications.
  • These all-plastic, fixed wall, vented/slotted containers are rugged, recyclable and non-insulated.
  • These containers meet USDA/HACCP standards for food processing, and can be steam cleaned.
  • Temperature resistant and stackable to 10 high.
  • Unique 3-Runner design provides protection when stacked and allows for four-way forklift access.
  • No extra cost for rotators, as they are included.
  • Dimensions: 48" x 40" x 31" (25 3/4" interior height).
  • Maximum load capacity 1,500 lbs. (1,100 lbs. of grapes).
  • Volume capacity: 190 gallons, 20.4 bushels, 25.4 cubic feet.
  • Weight: 92 lbs.
  • Available only in the color gray

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