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Joining Compounds

Grafting Wax - 1 pound

  • A specialty formulation that protects your plants from drying after cuts are made.
  • Wax is preferred to other adhesive products due to its flexible, pliable, adhesion promoting and water-resistant properties.
  • This wax may be used by placing in warm...

Parafilm Grafting Tape

  • Buds and grafts succeed at a high rate with the use of Parafilm brand grafting tape.
  • A gentle stretch makes it self-adhesive.
  • Seals the bud or graft tightly keeping it moist and secure while allowing air to permeate the...

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Rubber Strips for Budding and Grafting

  • The preferred choice of U.S. growers.
  • Made of special Goodyear compound rubber.
  • Strips are easily applied and offer better protection to help grafts knit faster.
  • Deteriorate in 2-3 weeks.
  • Recommended for fruit stock, roses, and evergreens.
  • Size: 4" x...