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Plant Chemicals

2015-2016 Vineyard Pest Management Tool Kit

Do you find pesticide regulations confusing and overwhelming?

Do you find yourself poring over pesticide labels, spray publications and price lists trying to compare your spray options?

  • The Fungicide, Insecticide & Herbicide Guides in the Tool Kit display all...

Grape Berry Moth Traps

  • Disposable trap with open design has spacers separating top and bottom for easier trapping.
  • Scent lasts 4-6 weeks.
  • One trap per 10 acres.
  • Comes with 3 traps.

Mycor Grape and Berry Root Dip

  • This is a pre-plant root dip for inoculating bareroot plants with beneficial vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal (VAM) fungi and rhizosphere bacteria prior to field planting.
  • VAM plants have better survival and growth, absorb more nutrients and improved abilities to efficiently absorb...


  • A superior sticky extending agent designed to lengthen the life of pesticides by forming an elastic film, which holds the pesticide on the crop foliage.
  • 1 Gallon.

Nutri-Leaf Fertilizer

  • A 20-20-20 soluble fertilizer for direct spraying on foliage.
  • Available in 5 and 25 pound amounts.

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Soil Moist Fines

  • Soil Moist Fines is a product used as a delivery system to store moisture in the fine polymer powder.
  • It absorbs moisture similar to a sponge, when the surrounding soil dries; the water is released to the soil over...

Soluable Organic Fish Fertilizer (8-5-1)

  • Soluble Hydrolyzed fish powder is a cost effective and efficient aid to the organic producer in managing soil health and fertility.
  • Powder requires no additives and has a very low odor.
  • Increase natural sugars in plants and turf making...

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Wildroot Organic Fertilizer (40lb Bag)

  • Wildroot Organic Concentrate and Fertilizer helps to maximize crop, orchard and vineyard yields by establishing a healthy, organic soil environment.
  • Use Wildroot Organic fertilizer semi-annually in early spring and early fall (repeat with every growing season as needed)
  • Weight:...