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1 Leg Staples

  • Leg (or J-staples) 1 3/4" ringed shank galvanized 9 gauge staples.
  • Use as a staple or as a carrier for catch wire trellis systems.
  • Approximately 55 staples per pound.

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20' 6" Paper Hop Twine

  • Bio Twine is a paper twine that is used as an alternative to coir twine.
  • It comes in bundles of 300 cut to 20'6" with a tested strength of 100 lbs.

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5/16 Galvanized 7x19 Cable

  • 5/16 inch in diameter galvanized 7x19 cable is flexible and has a breaking strength of 9,800 pounds.
  • The construction includes 7 strands with 19 wires per strand in galvanized steel, creating a strong steel cable that is...

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5/8 Eyebolt Washer

  • 5/8" drop forged, hot galvanized round washer.

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5/8 Eyebolt with Nut

  • 5/8" eyebolts are drop forged for strength and hot dip galvanized for durability.
  • These eyebolts are resistant to corrosive materials and resistant to weather.
  • They are assembled with hex nuts tapped oversize.
  • ...

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5/8 x 12 Turnbuckle

  • Made from Drop-forged Carbon Steel for durability and Hot Dip Galvanized for corrosion and weather resistance.
  • Turnbuckle eyes are elongated, maximizing ease of attachment and minimizing stress.
  • Recommended for in-line or straight pull applications only.
  • ...

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Barbed Staples

  • Galvanized 2" staple with barbs.
  • Now with a double-barbed design for extra holding power; can be used to secure wire to the post.
  • Typically use two staples per connection in a cross pattern.

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Chain Grab Wire Tightener

  • The Chain Grab Wire Tightener pulls excess slack in wire for splicing wires or when connecting wire to end post.
  • Accommodates smooth, coated and barbed wire.
  • The Chain Grab Wire Tightener has smooth grip jaws to reduce wire marking...

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