2017-2018 Vineyard Pest Management Tool Kit


Do you find pesticide regulations confusing and overwhelming?

Do you find yourself poring over pesticide labels, spray publications and price lists trying to compare your spray options?

  • The Fungicide, Insecticide & Herbicide Guides in the Tool Kit display all the up-to-date information you need in a handy "at-a-glance" chart format.
  • For just $64, you receive:
    - Fungicide Guide poster

- Insecticide Guide poster

- Herbicide poster

- "Planning a Vineyard Pest Management Program" booklet

The convenient columns and color-coding of the Guides allow you to quickly compare...

  • Efficacy for each disease, insect and weed pest
  • Rate of product per acre
  • Cost per acre per application
  • Mode of action
  • Resistance risk
  • Maximum rates and applications per season
  • Restricted entry interval
  • Pre-harvest interval
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Incompatible tank mixes
  • Toxicity to humans, bees, beneficials and fish
  • MANY more requirements and recommendations!

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