Bird Gard Pro PA4


  • Acoustical bird hazing is a proven method of stressing or harassing birds away from a food source or habitat.
  • The unit broadcasts actual bird distress cries (up to 8 different birds) digitally recorded on a microchip (some chips include predator sounds also).
  • Can optionally be powered by battery or solar panel.
  • For best results, make sure to install the unit two weeks before the crop becomes attractive to birds.
  • The Bird Gard Super Pro PA4 is specially designed to broadcast unique low frequency sounds.
  • A speaker covers up to 1.5 acres (0.6 hectares).
  • The unit comes with one but a total of four PA speakers can be used with one controller (for 6 acres).
  • System includes the generating unit with one built-in amplifier, one PA speaker with 100 feet of cable, power adapter with 50 feet of cable and a 10 foot battery cable with clips.

When ordering Bird Gard you MUST select a sound choice.

Bird Sound Chip List

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