OVS Vineyard Bird Netting - HDPE - 17 x 100 Foot


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  • Stop losing your grapes to birds! Wilson Vineyard Bird Netting provides complete 24/7 protection from the birds that can steal or damage all of your hard work in a single day
  • Tired of the cheap (but expensive), stiff, springy bird net sold at big box stores? Use the bird netting the professionals use!
  • This is the same rugged but flexible knitted HDPE (high density polyethylene) netting used by commercial fruit growers, packaged in a size that is perfect for hobby vineyards
  • 17 feet wide x 100 feet long, ¾” mesh, black
  • White “spacing stripes” guide perfect installation
  • Easy to apply, easy to remove and store in bags between seasons
  • Durable enough to use for 5 or more seasons with proper care

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