High-Pressure Injection-Molded ProBin 34-S


The ProBin 32 and 34 Series is ideal for handling meat or seafood, fermenting wine, pickling or brining, and other food processing applications. The smooth, nonporous surfaces are easy to clean and won’t trap debris. These large capacity rectangular bins, with 4-way entry and rotatable feet, are easy to move, stack, align, and store.

The ProBin 34-S has a large capacity of 56,100 cubic inches and holds up to 1,300 pounds or 243 gallons.


  • Injection-molded, high impact resistant plastic stands up to heavy day-to-day use. The one-piece design eliminates the problem of product getting trapped between the side walls and base
  • Splinter-resistant plastic delivers reduced maintenance costs, fewer injuries to workers, and less damage to product. Bin repair is inexpensive with hot air welding
  • Lightweight construction reduces shipping costs and makes ProBins easier to move; their interlocking foot design makes them safer to stack — up to 8 high
  • Nonporous surfaces won’t absorb water or dehydrate your product like wood bins, and they provide a constant tare weight throughout their use
  • Rounded corners and smooth surfaces mean fewer scuffs, abrasions, and cuts on your product. Risk of contamination is reduced because there are fewer places for unwanted particles to hide
  • Easy-to-sanitize ProBins keep cleaning costs to a minimum. A high-pressure wash removes most debris; a nonabrasive brush can dislodge any remaining items
  • FDA-approved materials are certified safe for use with food products, eliminating many HACCP problems associated with wood bins


  • External Dimensions: 44 3/4” (L) x 48 1/4” (W) x 34 5/8” (H) - 1,136.7 mm (L) x 1,225.6 mm (W) x 879.5 mm (H)
  • Internal Dimension: 41 5/8” (L) x 45 1/4” (W) x 29 3/8” (H) - 1,057.3 mm (L) x 1,149.4 mm (W) x 746.1 mm (H)
  • Load Capacity: 1,300 lbs - 589.7 kg
  • Volume Capacity: 56,100 cubic inches / 243 gallons - 919.3 liters
  • Tare Weight: 99 lbs (short foot) 100 lbs (long foot) 104 lbs (center foot short) 105 lbs (center foot long)
  • Maximum Stack Weight: a. 8,500 lbs - 3,855.5 kg b. 9,500 lbs - 4,309.1 kg c. 12,000 lbs - 5,443.1 kg
  • Fork Lift Entry: Four-way
  • Accessories: MacroLid
  • Partial List of Applications: Food Processing, Liquids, Powder, Wine, Brining



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