Hydrorock Hydroponic Pebbles (42 Quart Bag)


  • Superior for hydroponics: less water usage, pH neutral, great aeration and much more!
  • Pure and Organic. Hydrorock is created by heating clay at temperatures that exceed 2000íëí__’Ç?’«? F. Hydrorock has many features and benefits with versatile applications.
  • Reduces water usage; it retains 35% of its weight in water!
  • pH neutral; it will not affect the soil balance
  • Won't clog up hydroponic systems because Hydrorock will not decompose!
  • Pebble design ensures superior aeration.
  • Prevents soil compaction.
  • Reuseable after washing so delivers great long-term value!
  • Promotes healthy root structure
  • With its decorative color, it blends well with other soils.
  • Also makes a great mulch or ground aggregate in high traffic areas.íëí__’Çíëíæíëí___

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