Infinity LED Linear Light Bar


  • Using patent pending phosphor technology the Infinity Linear LED emits over 115 umoles at 58 watts making it both high power and efficient.
  • The real magic is in the mounting and electrical connections.
  • You will be amazed at how easily the Infinity Linear LED light bar can be installed in any application.íëí__’Çíëíæíëí___
  • The heat sink was intelligently designed with mounting in mind.
  • The suspension kit simply slides into the mounting channel. No hooks or screws. The mounting clips snap into place. In seconds you can mount to any ceiling, wall or shelf.íëí__’Çíëíæíëí___
  • The electrical design is just as advanced. Designed to work from 100 voltsGrow Lights up to 277 volts.
  • The driver automatically senses the input voltage and adjusts.íëí__’Çíëíæíëí___
  • Multiple bars can be easily connected for gapless light without any wiring. Want a space between fixture or mount them next to each other? Use the 2 meter interconnecting cable to daisy-chain.
  • 36 fixtures can be operated off of a single plug at 277 volts and 12 fixtures at 110-120 volts.
  • That's up to 144 feet of consecutive light!
  • The Infinity LED light bar is IP66 rated and has a 65,000 hour operating lifespan.

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