Lightweight MacroBin 24-FV


The MacroBin 24-FV is produced with the latest high-pressure injection molding technology, so it’s durable, lightweight, and easy to handle.

The MacroBin 24-FV is fully-vented and made with nonporous, injection-molded plastic which reduces the risk of product damage from pests, bacteria, or pathogens. Durable, with smooth surfaces, this bin can stand up to heavy day-to-day use, season after season, yet they are gentle on your produce and workers.


  • Ventilation slots facilitate the use of thermofogging, reduce heat absorption and cooling costs, and provide for quicker drying and degreening
  • FDA-approved materials are certified safe for use with food products, eliminating many HACCP problems associated with wood bins
  • Splinter-resistant plastic delivers reduced maintenance costs, fewer injuries to workers, and less damage to product. Bin repair is inexpensive with hot air welding
  • Nonporous surfaces won’t absorb water or dehydrate your product like wood bins, and they provide a constant tare weight throughout their use
  • Rounded corners and smooth surfaces mean fewer scuffs, abrasions, and cuts on your product. Risk of contamination is reduced because there are fewer places for unwanted particles to hide
  • Easy-to-sanitize MacroBins keep cleaning costs to a minimum. A high-pressure wash removes most debris; a nonabrasive brush can dislodge any remaining items
  • Lightweight construction reduces shipping costs and makes MacroBins easier to move; their interlocking foot design makes them safer to stack — up to 9 high


  • External Dimensions: 47 1/8” (L) x 47 1/8” (W) x 28 1/8” (H) - 1,197 mm (L) x 1,197 mm (W) x 714.4 mm (H)
  • Internal Dimension: 44” (L) x 44” (W) x 22 1/4” (H) - 1,117.6 mm (L) x 1,117.6 mm (W) x 565.2 mm (H)
  • Load Capacity: 1,200 lbs - 544.3 kg
  • Volume Capacity: 40,700 cubic inches - 667 liters
  • Tare Weight: 89.5 lbs - 40.6 kg
  • Maximum Stack Weight: a. 8,500 lbs - 3,855.5 kg b. 10,000 lbs - 4,535.9 kg c. 11,500 lbs - 5,216.3 kg
  • Fork Lift Entry: Two-way
  • Accessories: MacroLid
  • Options: Rotator Bar Wide or Narrow Vented Base
  • Partial List of Applications: Cherries, Citrus, Stone Fruit, Tomatoes

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