Open Lyre


  • As every Open Lyre need is different, we manufacture them to your specifications. Here is what we need to know to price it out for you.
  • If installing on metal posts, choose a link below for u-bolt options (YOU WILL NEED TWO U-BOLTS FOR EACH UNIT) or if installing on wood posts use screws or lag bolts.

NOTE: THERE IS A MINIMUM ORDER OF 500 UNITS-DO NOT ORDER LESS THAN 500. They come unassembled in two pieces (the long piece is bended into the u-shape). These are non-galvanized so they can oxidize and look like wood in the vineyard.

You must answer the following 5 questions so that we can provide you with accurate pricing. Weight is 6.5#
1. Width of space at top from tip to tip?
2. Length of bottom bar?
3. Length of side bars?
4. Do you want any additional notches other than at the top tips and at the ends of the middle crossarm?
5. Are there any other requirements you have?

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