Powercoup PW2 Lithium 10.5 Amp Set (battery, charger, vest)


  • This set includes a 10.5 ampÌÎ_̴ÌàÌÎ__lithium-ion battery, vest, and charger.
  • This is an ideal set for users who want to go all-day without switching battery packs with Infaco's PW2 multi-functional tool.
  • Amps: 10.5
  • Volts: 48
  • Watt Hours: 500
  • PW2 Attachment Part # Battery life
    Chainsaw or Reciprocating Saw TR8 or SC160 700 ÌÎ_ÌÎ_í?ÌÎ__ÌÎ_í? 4200 cuts
    4200 cuts (3cm)
    2100 cuts (5cm)
    700 cuts (8cm)
    Hedge-trimmer THS700, THD600, THD700 6-9 hours
    Desuckering tool EP1700 1.5 days
    Olive harvester OF1530, OF1830, OT2650 8 hours
    Blossom thinner EC1700 2 days

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