Root Cleaner

  • Root Cleaner concentrate eliminates soil-borne pests and pathogens naturallyí_í__no respirators, gloves, or suiting up required.
  • While Green Cleaner treats the foliage above ground, Root Cleaner takes care of the problems in the soil and root zone.
  • It treats the issue of pest control in a safe and consumer-conscious manner.
  • Best of all, it solves the issue of í_Œ±immunityí_Œå by killing eggs and preventing pests from becoming resistant to it.
  • Root Cleaner kills fungus gnats and their larvae, pythium and rhizoctonia, root rot and root damping off, thrips, nematodes, root aphids and more.
  • For use in soil and coco, from start up to the day of harvest.

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