U-Bolts for cross arms for T-Post


  • Can be used with wire from 8GA to 14GA
  • For metal T-Posts installation, specifically for Rolled Edge Vertical Line Posts. Comes with two nuts. 
  • To find out what type of u-bolt you need, weigh the post and divide that weight by the length and that will give you the type u-bolt you need.
  • If you are attaching u-bolts to a t-post, you will need either the 1.02 long which are for double post(stake) installation or 103 with a 1 1/8"  inside spacing  between legs, or 104 which has a 1" spacing between legs
  • straps for 103 and 104 which are needed are sold separately
  • For L-Style or V-Style cross arms, please use UBOLT-2.125X3.5WNUTS universal rolled edge and flat edge metal post installation 
  • https://www.orchardvalleysupply.com/products/copy-of-u-bolts?variant=15121863430

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