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Harvest Tools

Economy Harvest Shears

  • Our most popular harvest shear has long pointed needle nose blades.
  • Available with straight or curved blades.
  • Straight blade also available in stainless steel.

From $8.25

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Felco Harvest Shears

  • Get Felco quality in an economical shear.
  • A well designed and comfortable shear.
  • Feels light but substantial in the hand.
  • Has a locking segment to keep the shear closed to prevent accidental cuts.

Fruit Harvester

  • This fruit picker makes it easy to reach fruit.
  • Telescoping aluminum pole (10' when extended and 5' when not) with sturdy metal picking basket.
  • Poly-coated picking prongs prevent fruit damage.

Grape Hook

  • High carbon steel 2" blade.
  • Molded plastic handle with non-slip grip.

Grape Razor Harvest Tool

  • This unique tool safely and easily severs clusters from the vine.
  • The design of the cutting head helps prevent cut fingers.
  • Ergonomic bend and no moving parts for less hand fatigue compared to conventional shears.
  • Comes with the handle...

Grape Razor Replacement Heads

  • Grape Razor replacement head.
  • Price is per cutting head.

NOTE: If you have bought the GrapeFork from us in the past, this is a new model and is NOT compatable.

Ring Knives

  • Used for cutting twine and AgriFlex as well as other tying material.
  • Also an excellent and inexpensive harvesting tool.
  • Available in a variety of sizes.
NOTE: Some put these on their pointer finger which would require a larger...