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Bird Repellers

4 The Birds: Repellent Liquid

  • Keep pest birds from roosting or landing on any surface. This sticky, transparent liquid remains tacky after application has set.
  • For Pigeons, House Sparrows, Starlings, Gulls, Blackbirds, Cowbirds, Grackles, Woodpeckers, Crows, Ravens, & many more.
    • Use on trees, shrubs, vines, beams, & more.
    • Apply with...

Adhesive Gun

  • All-metal caulking gun.
  • For fast and easy application of bird proof gel.

Bird Blazer

  • Remote controlled laser bird control device safely frightens birds away.
  • Use fat-beam technology at random intervals in color combinations birds hate, forcing them to find other areas to land in.
  • Covers up to 10,000 square feet.
  • Two Voltage Options:...

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Bird Proof Gel

  • Sticky gel that makes surfaces uncomfortable for all pest birds.
  • Can be used on ledges, sills, beams, rafters, signs, statues.
  • Does not harm birds.
  • Available in 3-Pack or case of 12.

Bird Scare Tape

  • Inexpensive, highly reflective flash tape aids in scaring birds away from your crop.
  • Even a slight breeze will cause strips of this lightweight, holographic bird scare tape to flicker in the sunlight and make a noisy crackle scaring away...

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Bird Stop

  • Bird Stop liquid creates an invisible barrier that irritates birds’ trigeminal systems.
  • Directly apply to surfaces by painting or spraying liquid to repel birds.

Bird-X Laser (Indoor)

  • Remote controlled laser bird control device safely frightens birds away.
  • The Bird X-Laser for indoor uses laser technology at random intervals in red and green color combination that birds hate.

Bird-X Laser (Outdoor)

  • State-of-the art technology; safely frightens birds away.
  • Works day & night.
  • Laser beams constantly change patterns & location to prevent birds from acclimating.
  • Repels: pigeons, barn swallows, seagulls & gulls, ducks, grackles, crows, sparrows, starlings, cormorants, bats and rodents.
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