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Training Stakes

Bamboo Stakes

  • An effective and economical means of training vines and other plants.
  • Natural high quality, hand selected bamboo is three times stronger than wood.
  • Set about one foot in the ground and should be long enough to reach the first...

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Fiberglass Stakes

  • A great compromise in strength, longevity, and price.
  • Fiberglass stakes have the flexibility of bamboo but will not rot and steel-like strength but will not rust.
  • Unaffected by temperature and UV inhibitors for a 20+ year working life expectancy.
  • ...

From $61.95

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Metal Training Stake Clips

  • Metal clips attach to bamboo, metal, and fiberglass training stakes to the trellis wire.
  • Available in a pack of 300.

From $16.15

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Pencil Rod Stakes

  • Made of steel, but more flexible than fiberglass.
  • Unpainted.

From $63.95

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Plastic Pencil Rod Clips (500/pack)

  • Plastic clip used to secure metal pencil rods or 1/4" fiberglass stakes to wire.
  • Hold in place without slipping.
  • Made with UV plastic.
  • Pack of 500.

Plastic Training Stake

  • Inside is a durable hollow steel core rod for strength then a polyolefin resin coating for waterproof protection.
  • Won't warp, rot, or rust. Weather and chemical resistant.
  • Plastic coating has rings to prevent slippage.
  • Color: Green.

From $133.75

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