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Trellis Wire

Felco C7 Wire Cutter

  • The Felco C7 was specifically designed for cutting steel trellis wire.
  • Unique triangular jaws never leave a frayed cut.
  • Cuts wire rope up to 3/16.
  • Blades are constructed of hardened and tempered steel. The material used for the cutting...

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Spinning Jenny - Heavy Duty

  • A dispenser used for coils of trellis wire aiding in a convenient stringing of wire in the field.
  • This is an excellent heavy duty model that has an adjustment to control the spin rate and adjustable arms for an...

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Regular price$149.95

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Spinning Jenny - Light Duty

  • A dispenser used for coils of trellis wire aiding in the convenient stringing of wire in the field.
  • This model is inexpensive and comes unassembled which makes shipping easier.
  • This unit pivots on a pin that you drive into...

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Regular price$52.75

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Vineyard Monofilament Wire

  • This material is used extensively in European vineyards.
  • Seven times lighter than steel wire with no pretensioning required.åÊ
  • Is UV resistant, will not corrode and does not draw frost to plants.
  • 8 gauge monofilament wire required for fruit bearing...

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Vineyard Wire

  • This is a high-quality High Tensile smooth steel vineyard wire with the proper strength and a coating (three times the rust resistance of traditional farm store wire) for long lasting trellis applications, decades of life!
  • Available in 12.5 and...

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Wire-Soft 12.5 Gauge 1000 ft

  • Our high-quality soft wire can last up to 50 years.
  • Soft wire can easily overstretch and break, but may prefer it because it is easy to repair and re-tighten.
  • Class 3 Galvanized soft wire, 12.5 Gauge, 1000'

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Regular price$47.35

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