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Tree Guards

Clipper Tubes

  • Protect your young vines and accelerate growth with these grow tubes.
  • Shelters provide protection from animals, chemical sprays, and weed trimmers.
  • The Clipper Tube style...

From $19.20

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Corrugated Tree Guards

  • Unique 2-ply corrugated resin tree guards.
  • White exterior reflects heat and is vented for better breathability while the black interior is UV treated for long life.
  • From $5.35

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Milk Cartons

  • Half gallon milk cartons.
  • Do not offer the same greenhouse effect as the plastic grow tubes, but will protect the vines from wildlife and herbicides very economically.
  • 12 3/4" x 3 3/4".
  • Will come in different prints than pictured...

From $0.15

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Spiral Vinyl Tree Wraps

  • Protect against rodent, rabbits and mechanical damage to trees.
  • As the spiral is required to open as the tree grows into maturity make sure the opening of the spiral is not restricted by any...

From $4.25

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Tubex Tree Shelters

  • These twin-walled solid and translucent green tubes provide maximum protection for seedlings against animal browse damage, wind, chemical sprays and equipment.
  • Promote increased growth by imitating natural conditions under the shade of its parent...

From $144.95

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Vine Protectors

  • These vine protectors are like milk cartons without the print.
  • We have two sizes, 20in. drop-ons and 24in. wrap around - each with 100 in a pack.
  • The 24" white ones are poly-coated on two sides (like milk cartons...

From $28.95

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