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Trellis Posts

Concrete Post Kit

  • Fast and simple way to secure trellis wires to a concrete end post.
  • Improving the existing system, the kit doesn’t damage the wire by twisting it around the tensioner.
  • Fits all sizes of concrete posts.

On Sale $9.35

Regular price$11.00

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Drive Cap

  • Placed on top of metal end posts to help drive posts into dense soil.
  • Made only for our design of metal end posts.

On Sale $79.01

Regular price$92.95

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Gripple Gas-Powered Driver

  • Portable, lightweight and powerful Petrol Driver for the installation of Anchors and Trellis posts.
  • Ideal for hard to reach areas such as steep banks and uneven ground.
  • Reduce installation time.
  • Fuel...

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Regular price$1,600.00

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Metal End Post 9'

  • Heavy duty, 9 feet long, 7 gauge, 35 pounds, and self-colored for a natural look in the vineyard.
  • Install at a slant away from the trellis line with the open end toward the trellis line.
  • It has holes every...

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Regular price$28.50

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Metal Line Vineyard Posts 8'

  • The Rolled Edge Vertical Line Posts have been used in California and French vineyards for decades.
  • Notches are on the sides in 6" increments (starting at 39.5" from the bottom) for easy wire placement without clips.
  • Standard offering is...

On Sale from $7.27

Regular price$8.55

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Post Bracket

  • Joins the line post to the end post with specially placed teeth on the front and back of the bracket, creating a vice-like effect during installation.
  • 2.5mm galvanized steel is pressed into shape for...

On Sale $3.44

Regular price$4.05

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Post Caps

  • Slides onto the top of our metal Vineyard Posts.
  • When using bird netting, allows the netting to slide over the posts easier instead of getting caught on the edges of the post.

On Sale $1.11

Regular price$1.30

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Post Driver

  • This tube type manual post driver saves time and is a cost efficient method of installing your metal Line Posts.
  • It has a diameter of 3 1/8" and length of 23".
  • Power model is available from You must...

On Sale $39.31

Regular price$46.25

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