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Safety Equipment

Full Face Respirator

  • This respirator by North features a clear-coated polycarbonate lens with 200 degrees of vision and nose cup to reduce fogging.
  • Great comfort and performance.
  • Not to be used with glasses.
  • REMEMBER to order the cartridges.

Half Mask Respirator

  • This half mask respirator by North is designed with a wide sealing flange for good fit and comfort.
  • One piece cradle suspension keeps face piece in place.
  • Direct cartridge to face piece seal means no gaskets to worry about.
  • ...

Kasco Filters

  • The ZA2P3 Kasco filter protects against pesticides, dusts and mists. It is a combination filter with organic vapor and particulate protection.
  • For use with Kasco T8 and T9 pesticide helmets.
  • NIOSH approved when used with the T8 or T9...

Kasco Helmet Respirators

These protective helmets are made of fiberglass with a durable polyurethane coating and a polycarbonate visor (it has ample room for eyeglasses), a comfortable collar and an adjustable headband.

  • A lightweight (helmet is 1.75 lbs.) filtered air...

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Lakeland Micromax Drawstring Hood

  • These pull over hoods provide protection for the head, neck, and shoulders from light splash and dry particulates.
  • One size fits all.

Neoprene Gloves

  • Offers extra protection against cuts, abrasions, sunlight, greases, chemicals, acids and caustics.

Respirator Cartridges

  • 2-pack for organic vapor and acid gas.
  • For use with North brand respirators.

Steel Mesh Glove

  • The steel mesh glove is commonly used by those using battery and pneumatic type pruners for cut resistant protection.
  • The glove is worn on the hand as protection for the fingers grasping the plant or vine being pruned.
  • Glove...

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